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What is the US Government not telling the American people? What is the American Government hiding from the American people? The US Government is trying to take all the guns from the citizens of the United States. The Government employees more people than privet companies. Do we really want to know the truth? Something catastrophic is about to happen and THE American Government is keeping it from the American people. Did you know that The American Government is moving under ground? You have to ask your self why?

Can we save America?

What is The USA Government NOT telling us?
Microchiping included in Healthcare Bill
This is so stupid!
Is the Government going to start kill people?
Microchiping the population is not a theory, its a plan!
Microchips Discussed at Bilderberg
2008 Jones,Tucker 692008
Bio-sensors In addition to our intellectual property surrounding
the implantable RFID microchip for patient
identification, we own patents related to an
embedded bio-sensor system.
One potential application of this bio-sensor
system is an implantable, bio-sensing RFID
microchip to measure glucose levels in
the body in real time.
Human Microchipping, Verichip, Positive ID, Police State
Conspiracy or Mark of the Beast, 666?

Moving Magnetic North Pole
May be the Cause of Mysterious Bird,
Fish & Crab Deaths

2012: Leaks Found in Earth's Magnetic Field
Earthlike planet discovered Gliese 581c
Truth or not?
Ron Paul: The Revolution is Inevitable!
Ron Paul: U.S. Heading for
Soviet-Style Economic Collapse
"Dollar's future unstable"
North is no longer North?
Millions of SeaShells appearing on Pakistani Beaches
Dryer Vent Cleaning
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